Multi-Domain Manager

Table of contents
  1. The Problem
  2. The Users
  3. Example Mock-ups
  4. Artist Rendition
  5. Implemented Screen
  6. More Information

The Problem 

Sun's existing Master Data Management application could merge records with mistakes, such as misspelled names, and figure out the real data.  The next step was to enhance the application by allowing users to define connections between these records in different 'domains'  or groupings, such as a company domain and a patient domain.

Distinct connections would need to be supported.  For the first release we concentrated on:

  • Many to many Relationships between two different domains
  • Hierarchies of records in a single domain.
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The Users 

Defines connections between domains and the associated attributes of that connection.  

A sophisticated user with years of computer experience.   The user primarily uses the web portion of the GUI to make quick updates and maintain existing connections.  
Data Manager
Examines and maintains connections. Once a template for a connection has been defined this user can examine and maintain the records in a connection.

User is comfortable with computers including using trees.  
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Example Mock-ups 

Visualiing relationships to a single record was the most difficult challenge.   The user also needed to reassign records in a relationship and drill down from child records.

This screen shows the relationships and details about the records in a relationship.  Prior to this screen the user would have selected the record of interest. A user can view details about the records in a relationship and view/update relationship attributes from  this screen.

The top portion of the screen uses a simplified brain map of the relationship model.  The brain map both allows users to visualize the relationships and acts as a navigation tool.

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Artist Rendition 

After the mock-up was handed over to an artist the look and feel was updated as follows.  I especially like the toggle button between the summary view and the details view.

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Implemented Screen 

The JavaScript client-side library, DoJo was used to implement the screens.   I was pleased with the look and feel as well as with how smoothly the resizes worked.

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More Information

The application was an Open Source application.  To learn more, click: Multi-Domain Manager Future Ideas

  • Best viewed using Firefox 3 and above.
  • I am unsure how long the link to the Mural site will be valid.
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