Usability Design Portfolio

With over 10 years of software design and development I have worked in a variety of roles, my favorite being the one that allows me to work on Usability Designs.   The following is a showcase of recent designs I have participated in and the role I played in creating them.

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Checkout MultiPay Guitar Center E-Commerce sites
Usability Analyst for Guitar Center web and mobile applications.

Work included an expert review of the mobile site, documenting and improving existing navigation flows, both CrazyEgg and IBM Unica NetInsight analytics, competitive research and wire frames. more >

Trading Manager
Designed screens for a Business to Business Trading Manager by interviewing domain experts. Mock-ups where accepted by RedSeal Solutions and reviewed by customers.

Currently, the Trading Manager is being implemented using the very rich widget set GWT-Ext 2.0.5. I was very pleased with the choice of this widget set because the design did not have to radically change to fit the selected technology.

Check here for a full walkthrough of the Trading Manger.  more >
Multi Domain Manager Master Data Management - Multi Domain Manager
Led the creation of requirements for the Multi Domain Manager by working with management and other stakeholders. The requirements were driven by several rounds of mock-ups I created. The mock-ups were key in understanding the required functionality of the application and focusing the development efforts.  more >

Business to Business Dashboard
Worked with Sun's usability Xdesign team on the mock-up for an extendable Business to Business dashboard.  I was responsible for portions of the mock-up including a way to show complex data structures such as AS2, X12, ebXML and HIPAA.  more.>  
Andrea Joy Kendall's History 

My love of art drew me to computer graphics programming and started my career.  Then one day I read a book that would change the way I view everything, Donald Norman's Design of Everyday Things.  It was then that my passion for creating usable interfaces was born.

My career began at IBM in Santa Monica where I implemented many a Graphics User Interface.  This included working on a Paperless Factory application and designing a Redliner for CAD/CAM drawings.   IBM was a great place to work; lots of really smart, classy, people   Best of all, we were inventing new things all the time.   I also enjoyed being the president of the local IBM club where I was responsible for organizing events with over 3,000 attendees, such as family picnics and holiday parties.

After my days at IBM I moved to a medium sized company that seemed small to me at the time, Software Technology Corporation (STC), with only sixty employees.  I was fortunate to work on the design and implementation of the flagship product called DataGate that allowed the company to grow to around 850 employees before going public as SeeBeyond and finally being merged into Sun Microsystems.

At Sun I sought to learn even more about Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and sought out mentors in the XDesign group.  Given my background in programming I found that I was able to help identify desigins that could be implemented in a timely manner.

After Sun Microsystems, I worked as a contractor at Guitar Center where I improved their E-Commerce site by using the available analytics, documenting and improving the existing navigation flow, giving an expert review of their mobile application and working on wire frames on for improvements to their online E-Commerce site. Guitar Center was a blast to work at. Where else does a Usability Expert gett to hear people jamming on Fridays? I left the assignment jazzed by the improvements that I made.

 Bitten by the HCI bug I want to continue to make products that customers want to use.